Top-time travel in science from
the last century to the present. Many physicists claim that this is impossible,
but many claims that time travel is possible again. Which requires us to move
and control the fourth dimension. But until now no physicist has been able
to prove that humans can control the fourth dimension or move at that level. In
this case, the question of the future of time travel is possible. Physicists who
point out that time travel is not possible, sometimes claim it is unreasonable.
However, Stephen W. Hawking, a recent major attraction in this regard, said,
“I would have avoided the matter to protect my honor.” But there is
so much hint in his words, he may have believed that time travel is possible in
the future and people will be able to do it at one time.
So now the question is, is time travel really possible?
Regarding this, Martin Ring Bauer
said, “In order to explain time travel and its feasibility, we need to
analyze two contradictory theories of modern physics. That is – Einstein’s
general relativity and quantum mechanics. ” Depending on these two
theories, some physicists are currently approving time travel in some
theoretically possible ways.
There are five possible ways –
1. Pass through the supermassive black hole.
2. Through the wormhole.
3. Light travels at an equal
4. Cosmic String Theory.
5. Gravitational time expansion.
In the next post about this post,
I will discuss in detail all the ways. Hopefully, by this time you will find
answers to all your time-travel questions. Please let me know if there is a
shortage of information and a lack of information.

Jeon Ahmed

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