By 2022, there will be two star clashes,
which can be seen in the eyes only.Two star clashes will occur and from the earth it will be seen in the eyes only. Scientists say that it is possible to occur within 2022 or within a year or two. At that time, the brightness of the stars will increase by about 10,000 times this time. This means that it will be one of the brightest stars in the sky for some time.This conflict was first described in 2015 by professor Larry Malner and his student Karen Kainmucci and Henry Kabulki. Malar has been monitoring KIC 983227 since that year 2013. A few days later, Kainmuchi saw the brightness of the star. He understands that the star is pulsating or the star is actually on the binary star system. Binary Star System is a system that has two stars on one side of the system. Using Kepler Satellite Data, they can learn about the orbital period of the star. At this time they realized that they took less time to circumambulate themselves than before. Then they collect data of the past fifteen years of the star and understand what’s going on. Astronomer Romald Tilenda has already registered this issue. His research was about the V1309 scorpio. In 2008, the V1309 scorpion exploded in Red Nova. Romald’s study found that before the explosion, the orbital period of V1309 scrap decreases.Malala’s press conference said that such an event may be a chance to see once in a million times. He presented the essence of his research in front of everyone. His research has been submitted to The Astrophysical Journal, “KIC 9832227”, “The possibility of being Red Nova”, but has not been published yet. Malner and his team run two tests to prove that they are not causing any other celestatic incident. The spectral systole or spectroscopic examination shows that their orbital periods are less than 15 years old.They also show that at the rate of decreasing the orbital period, they are moving towards two clashes. “The summit is the time to take our Morning Star Theory strongly. We need to do extensive research for this in the next few years. So we will know why the two of them are exploding, “said Malner. Malhar and his team continue to monitor KIC 9832227 for a few more days. If the future is true, then scientists will see the destruction of binary star system for the first time.Will see The red circle in the figure is the location of the two.Matt Walohat of Calvin College Michigan said “If the future of the moles is true, his work has shown for the first time that astronomers can detect the deadly binary system and kill them before they are destroyed. This study is not only important for scientific results, but also the imagination of the common people who see these things in the imagination world. If this is true, then parents will tell their children a place in the sky and say ‘Look, the kids will be very bright in that area after a few days. If it exploded, it would be the second level of brightness. He thought it would be seen in the eyes but could not easily be seen from the city area. This will be the result of light pollution. In this case, Binqulla can be used.

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