In the world of science, I was looking for
a little material, which can be thought free. Find something new. Finding it to
find, it is an uneven sea. Which is completely frustrated and covered with fog .
Which may need to be unveiled , free thought from Einstein or Max Planck. Let’s
know the whole thing   …
After the establishment of Quantum Mechanics, Albert was fond of Einstein's inventors. Especially on Nile Bauer and his tops . Because the strange laws of quantum mechanics could not obey his law. So, one after another, the reasoning of the arguments of quantum mechanics is to argue over. After this he became angry and said, 'When we do not look, then there is no moon in the sky?' Why did he say such a bizarre statement? He actually wanted to hit the theory of uncertainty in quantum theory. But the Quantum theory was established in his hands. At the beginning of the twentieth century, German scientist Max Planck introduced the theory of quantum. But it was not established in physics. Einstein established it in absolute terms in 1905. Then came the Quantum theory of incredible speed. Quantum Mechanics, with the help of Niles Bohr, William Somerfield, Max Born, Broglie, Busan etc., goes up to a lot of height. But the true quantum theory was established, in the hands of Nils Boos and his top Warner, Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli, and Enrico Pharmacy. The strange laws of quantum mechanics were introduced through Hilgenberg’s uncertainty principle. The essence of the uncertainty principle was that the behavior of objects in the nuclear world is surprising. Factors can not be measured simultaneously with the momentum and location. When the mass is measured, the position becomes uncertain and the momentum becomes uncertain after the location is measured. Louis de Broglie said that every particle of religion is both religion and wave religion. If only the mass increases, the wave becomes less, the particle religion increases and the mass of the wave increases when the mass is reduced, the particle religion decreases. No religion ever becomes zero So do not let the particles like electrons or quarks pour in waves or particles. They have particles and waves simultaneously. But when you see objects in particles and waves. The solution is available, to be the principle of uncertainty. This solution says that the particles are not particles. Again, not just the waves. When will they stay, depends on you If you want to spy on the particles you will be disappointed. They will deceive you with very cleverness. Who is cute? So do they have any idea? Have a mind Have life? No, there is no one. There are strange behaviors. Suppose you followed a particle to get it done properly. For that you need two kinds of instruments. If you want to know the wave religion, you will need a machine that can detect particles' wave religion. If you want to detect particle religion, then a device that can detect particles of particles can detect religion. Scientists claiming uncertainty say that this is never possible. When you look through particle detectors, then you will see particles as particles. When you look through waves, you will see it as a wave. That is, the particle wave or particle, it depends on the observer. The observer wants to see it as one, who will show himself as a virgin. Einstein was hanging on hearing this. He said that God certainly does not play dice game. Einstein had to eat patcels instead of brick. Nile Bore killed it. He said, "God will not do what you do not have to say."
But in the microscope world, what is the reason for such strange behavior of the particles? In fact, the particles are at the same time as particles and waves, when you want to see it with a particle detector, it represents itself as particle. On the other hand, when you want to see it with a wave detector, it represents itself as a wave.
This is just an explanation. But why are
small particles simultaneously in particle and wave form? What is the reason
for such strange behavior? Scientists have given many explanations about this.
But at the end of the moon, the moon is in the moonlight, Quantum Particles.

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