Supposed you eat three meals a day for eight hours a day 8 am, 2 pm and 10 pm 8 pm You have enough food in front of you at meal time and you can eat as much as you want So we can say, these three times a day you are at the peak point of food ৷ So what will happen to you in the middle of it? Surely you will feel hungry or your food needs will be created That means you’re going to the food peak point three times a day, and you’re slowly going down again This is creating a fluctuation of hunger in you. We can think of it as a lot of pulsating DC current Which we got when we went from AC to DC with rectifier

Pulsating DC Signal

In the case of pulsating DC current, the voltage similarly passes as a wave through zero and positive peak. Now, if you want, you can bridge the gap between these peak and zero points of food. When you have a lot of food in front of you at 8 in the morning, he took some food from there to keep with you Then when the food is removed from in front of you, you will eat these foods By doing this, the fluctuation of your food will no longer exist Then, at two o’clock in the afternoon, when you get food again, put some food back in the bowl, which you will eat before 10 pm. By doing this you will be linear in terms of food and appetite Which we can think of DC current 7. 

Use Capacitor in Pulsating DC

There is no fluctuation in DC current We get this as a little moving line You can get pure DC current from pulsating DC just like you used to eliminate this fluctuation by freezing food. For that, when you are at the peak point of the current, you will save some charges You will leave these accumulated charges where the voltage of the pulsating DC decreases Then those points will also come closer to the peak point When you get the peak point of voltage again, recharge the charge and release if necessary. 

AC to Pure DC

If you can accumulate a large amount of charge, those points will be equal to the peak point ৷ And in electronics this accumulation is done using capacitors A capacitor is an electronics device that can be used to charge and discharge. Again, its special feature is that it can accumulate charge in a very short time, it can also drop the charge In this way we can achieve pure DC current by eliminating any kind of fluctuation including pulsating DC in electronics by using capacitors of suitable capacity as required.

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