In the world of electronics, one of the most versatile and widely used devices in linear application is Operational Amplifier. Most often it is called as Op-amp. It usually works on amplification. Many may think that it was supposed to be an amplifier. Why is the Operational amplifier? Besides amplification, it performs some mathematical operation like- addition, subtraction, multiplication, differentiation and also integration. For that reason it is called operational amplifier. These mathematical operation have given way to digital computers because of their speed, accuracy and versatility. However, digital computer were not the demise of the Op-amp.

In electronics it has vast usage because of its specialization. Such as-

  • It has high current and high current capability.
  • Multiplexed amplifiers.
  • Programmable gain amplifier.
  • Automatic instrumentation and control.
  • Communication ICs.
  • It has very high input impedance in its internal circuit.
  • It can be operate from a single supply.

Op-amp has become popular for also some other reason beside it specialization.

  • It is low in cost.
  • Op-amp is easy to use.
  • It is fun to work with Op-amp.

At the same time, it has taken place in the minds of electrical engineers very easily and quickly in terms of work and performance.

Jeion Ahmed

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